‘The Voice’: The Swon Brothers Open up About ‘Bromance’ Between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton

Butin TrumpJune 19, 2019

The Swon Brothers, made up of siblings Zach and Colton Swon, got their start by appearing on Season 4 of The Voice in 2013, coming in third place. Even back then, the guys could see the friendship blossoming between Adam Levine, who recently announced he was leaving the show, and Blake Shelton.

“He’s really cool,” Zach told PopCulture.com of Levine. “We got to hang out with him when we went back and performed on the show, after we were contestants on the show. It’s a crazy thing, and I think Blake, they got a little bromance thing.”
“Seeing them backstage, they’re still they’re still kind of like brothers backstage,” continued Colton. “It’s just really cool to see them on that level, just hanging backstage. ‘Cause what you see is what you get, even with Adam, and of course with Blake, but even with Adam, they’re just good people. They’re gonna miss him for sure.”

When the Swon Brothers auditioned for The Voice, they were two unknown singers, who had toured with their parents’ Christian band, Exodus, as children, and both tried to pursue music, together and separately, after high school. But nothing could have prepared them for the change that awaited them, in every way, after appearing on The Voice, and continues to appear as they ready new music.

“A lot has changed,” admitted Colton. “What first comes to my mind is just the word genuine. It could be just that we’re getting older and know who we are more now than we did six years ago but, just lyrically I listen to these songs now. I’m like, ‘This feels real,’ versus some of the stuff that we used to put out. Still great stuff, but when you’re writing, putting your heart behind it, the music takes on a different meaning.

“You get to where you care less about what people think about it, and you just really hone in on the people that love it,” he continued. “They get it. I think that’s the place we’re in now, and it’s a really good place to be in now. It’s just fun.”