11 Best Female Singers Who Made Us All Cry With Their Beautiful Voices

Butin TrumpJune 19, 2019

There are some amazing female singers out in this world today.
There are some amazing female singers out in this world today, but there are only 11 that have truly touched our souls and made us tear up with their amazing beautiful voice.

1. Beyonce
This year especially, she has blessed us with a new duet with Ed Sheeran just making a beautiful sentiment in her voice. Breaking our hearts with the voice of an angel! She gave us all life of women empowerment with “Single Ladies”, “Diva” and plenty more from her “I AM… SASHA FIERCE” album.
She is always going to take the number one spot whether someone is going in order or not because she deserved it. Many female artists on this list have gotten inspiration from her, and so many famous women look up to her just like everyone else in this world. From the good ole’ days of Destiny’s Child to be one of the most amazing women in life and a perfect female artist. She is QUEEN B for so so many reasons and

we don’t know what we would do without her.
2. Lana Del Rey
She first broke our hearts with her album “Born to Die”, from “Blue Jeans” to “National Anthem”. Then she showed us what love truly was with “Young and Beautiful”. She still is bringing us to that old-time feel with her amazing voice by gracing us with “Lust for Love Album” this year.
Rih Rih showed us her soft side in 2010 with the release of “Loud” giving us “California King Bed” which still brings me to tears, following into more heartfelt music that still had a twist of wild to them. She gave us more of the sweet heartbreakingly beautiful voice of hers with “Unapologetic”.
4. Leona Lewis
She is in the era that Queen B and Rihanna crawled from with “Bleeding Love” and being able to hit those high notes which seems IMPOSSIBLE.

5. Alicia Keys
Like the many women above she’s got the soul, she’s got the life, and her voice is just as magnificently different as those before her. With her song “If I Ain’t Got You”, and “No One” along with a few other hits she could bring the chills and tears to one’s eyes any day of the week

6. Amy Winehouse
Taken too soon from this world. A woman full of talent whose voice can stop fights and bring everyone to tears because maybe she was taken too soon but also because everything she sings her voice brings more meaning to it.

7. Stevie Nicks
Classic, just plain classic

8. Adele
From the moment she broke out she was bringing people to their knees with her talent. So unexpected and so amazing

9. Miley Cyrus
Maybe some will disagree with this but we’ve heard wrecking ball, we’ve heard her backyard sessions, and her newest album, which shows the true her, and the real raw version of her voice that we all missed

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10. Taylor Swift
This is another conflicting one, but her talent exceeds all else that she has or hasn’t done. Her songs have touched girls from all over the world, whether it is her new stuff or the songs that she wrote at the very beginning of her career! She’s got talent and has brought people to tears one time or another.
11. The Band Perry
The song “If I Die Young” is the one that comes to mind when I think of songs with a beautiful voice that has brought me to tears, maybe not all their music but her voice on this song just speaks to the soul.

All these Female Artists stated above have top songs that have brought people to their knees with their stories, triumphs, and defeats! They all are extremely talented in their own ways and deserve all the good that their talent has brought them! They have affected so many people’s lives with their music and will continue to do so throughout history! Keep making great music that we all can relate to and feel for, thank you!